1. General information


  • GreenDeal Carbon Reserve Project (hereinafter GreenDeal Project) is a promotional tree planting project to fight climate change through sustainable forestry and improved forest management, focusing on carbon sequestration. The GreenDeal Project is initiated, lead and implemented by Carbon Offset OÜ (registry code 16348030, hereinafter Carbon Offset).


  • These general terms and conditions (hereinafter Terms) of GreenDeal Carbon Reserve web platform shall be valid for all users (hereinafter User) who make a contribution to GreenDeal Project through GreenDeal Carbon Reserve web platform.


  • By accepting these Terms, the User confirms that they have read the terms and agree to comply with the terms.


  1. Definitions


GreenDeal Carbon Park - a tree planting project started by Carbon Offset to engage communities and companies to take positive action. The goal of the project is to create the first Carbon Park in the GreenDeal Carbon Reserve (defined below) with the help of everybody who care about the nature and the forests.


GreenDeal Carbon Reserve - An innovative approach to fight climate change through sustainable forestry and improved forest management, focusing on carbon sequestration. The Carbon Reserve consists of multiple Carbon Parks that all are managed and operated according to the Forest Management Methodology (defined below).


Forest Management Methodology – a unique methodology developed by Carbon Offset in cooperation with the best regional universities for the purpose of maximising carbon sequestration in the Carbon Parks.


  1. Terms for contribution


  • The User may support and sponsor the GreenDeal Project by making a monetary contribution. The amount of contribution is EUR 5 per one Carbon Park tree and each User may contribute to planting as many Carbon Park trees as they desire.


  • The contribution can be made on webpage carbonreserve.earth without registering a user account, however, User’s name and email address are required for making a contribution. The User may add a public message to its contribution which shall be displayed on GreenDeal Carbon Reserve’s webpage with User’s name and number of tree plantings contributed by the User.


  • The contribution can be made using a valid credit card or via online bank link.


  • The User shall receive an automatic email message regarding successful contribution.



  • Contribution made to the GreenDeal Project shall not entitle the User to any material value or proprietary rights (including ownership of land or the plant), income or material gain or return. The contribution shall not be considered as investment.



  1. Rights and obligations of Carbon Offset


  • For the implementation of the GreenDeal Project, Carbon Offset shall undertake the planting of trees subject to contribution to the Carbon Park and perform all associated activities.


  • Carbon Offset shall carry out the following activities in accordance with Forest Management Methodology:


  • identify, acquire, and manage the immovable properties necessary for the implementation of the GreenDeal Project. For the sake of clarity, Carbon Offset shall remain the sole owner of the immovable properties acquired for implementation of the GreenDeal Project and the Users are not entitled to the any ownership stake nor any income related to the immovable property;
  • carry out all necessary ground preparation activities, including but not limited to soil testing, land clearing, and any other activities required to ensure the successful planting and growth of the forest;
  • arrange the procurement and planting of the trees and other vegetation suitable for the GreenDeal Project's objectives and shall ensure that only tree species suitable for the type of forest habitat in accordance with applicable legislation are used for forest planting within the GreenDeal Project;
  • obtain all relevant licenses, permits, and approvals required under applicable legislation for the implementation and operation of the GreenDeal Project and maintain compliance with these licenses and permits;
  • shall assume full liability for the trees planted and the overall health and maintenance of the forest resulting from the GreenDeal Carbon Park Project. This liability includes, but is not limited to, ensuring the health, survival, and growth of the forest, as well as the protection and preservation of the forest ecosystem according to the Forest Management Methodology;
  • promote green and sustainable activities related to the GreenDeal Project.


  • Carbon Offset is entitled to choose the most suitable method for executing the GreenDeal Project based on its knowledge, expertise and Forest Management Methodology. Carbon Offset has the exclusive right to earn income from management of the forest, planted in connection with the GreenDeal Project.



  1. Reporting


  • Carbon Offset shall provide the User information about the progress of the GreenDeal Project (including updates on land acquisition, planting activities, and any environmental impact assessments or monitoring) and all such other information as Carbon Offset deems necessary. Reports shall be sent annually.


  • Reports will be sent to Users via email, provided that the User has consented to receive communications from Carbon Offset upon making the contribution. In case the consent has not been granted upon making the contribution, the User can also request to receive reports and communications from Carbon Offset via email at [email address]



  1. Liability


  • If any of the Parties fails to perform the obligations under these Terms, that Party shall be liable to the other Party for direct patrimonial damage. The Parties shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential costs and damages (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of revenues or lost business opportunity), in each case arising out of or in relation to these Terms.


  • In the case of failure to perform any obligations due to any force majeure, the Party suffering from such force majeure will be exempted from corresponding liability to the extent of the impact of such force majeure. Force majeure is any circumstance which is beyond the control of a Party, including but not limited to, any natural disaster, bushfire, flood, accident, war, or any other similar event. If any of the Carbon Parks is affected by force majeure event resulting in partial or full destruction of the Carbon Park, Carbon Offset is under no obligation to restore the Carbon Park with its own costs and may under its sole discretion either start a new Carbon Park at same location or eliminate the immovable asset from the GreenDeal Project.



  1. Intellectual Property


All intellectual property rights in GreenDeal Carbon Reserve web platform (including texts, software systems, trademarks etc.) are owned by or licensed to Carbon Offset. Other than subject to intellectual property law and except as expressly authorized by these Terms, the User may not in any form use, adapt, reproduce, store, distribute, print, display, perform, publish or create derivative works from any part of the GreenDeal Carbon Reserve web platform without Carbon Offset’s written permission.


  1. Personal Data Policy


Carbon Offset shall collect and use Users personal information in accordance with Privacy Policy.


  1. Miscellaneous


  • The Parties shall cooperate in good faith in all dealings related to the use of GreenDeal Carbon Reserve web platform and implementation of GreenDeal Project.


  • The unlawfulness, invalidity, or unenforceability of any provision in these Terms does not affect the validity, lawfulness or enforceability of any other provision of Terms.


  • These Terms and other rules or policies applicable to the use of GreenDeal Carbon Reserve web platform and implementation of GreenDeal Project may be changed by Carbon Offset unilaterally from time to time in their sole discretion.


  • These Terms are governed by the laws of Republic of Estonia. Disputes related to the Terms shall be settled through negotiations. In case of failure of negotiations, the dispute shall be settled by Harju County Court as a court of first instance.